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Our Mission

Electric web services gives clients the ultimate marketing experience. From complete website builds, to content creation and branding we do it all.

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From idea to inception Electric Web Services delivers the very best in development, design and marketing services  with an attention to detail unrivaled in today’s marketplace. Gone are the days of needing several businesses to complete one project. Our dedicated team works in unison to ensure your assignment is completed on time, every time, meaning you get better service with less effort. We take pride in working with our clients from beginning to end delivering high quality, professional results. Contact us today and start building your business empire now!

Web Design

Every project we undertake is fully customizable to your specific requirements. We meticulously outline your ideas and explore every option, giving your creation personal attention and devotion. Watch your plan come to life as we introduce web applications that feature high utility functions with understandable forms and capturing imagery. 


Branding your company starts with powerful imagery and a unique message. Your companies web presence should dynamically reflect your goals and accurately portray your product or service in a sophisticated manner. Consistency is key when it comes to building a brand and achieving recognition in your specific industry, understanding how images, words and colors speak to your audience is a key part of the design process. Presenting your brand to the public requires several mediums that are not always digital, our designers will work with precision to incorporate your new logo into business cards, promotional banners or any offline media necessary.


With progressive thinking and a no-nonsense approach to marketing we offer our clients a full set of tools to maximize ROI. We use tried and true content marketing mixed with an innovative web design, search engine optimization, blog posting, social media and email campaigns. Putting all the pieces in place for you to confidently build a loyal customer base and keep your business growing.

Process/How it Works

  • We meet with you (via phone or in person) to truly understand your business, the marketplace, and perhaps most importantly, your objectives
  • We develop a custom strategy to accomplish your business objectives within your budget
  • We execute your custom strategy
  • We report the results to you each week, then refine the strategy based on your campaign results and any changes in the competitive landscape
  • We continue to revise and enhance your campaign(s) and strive to achieve continually improving results


Knowing the target audience is crucial for a websites results.


Planning how many pages a website needs to be is a must.


Designing a website to look, function and respond is what we do.


Beautiful imagery and capturing text gives users a pleasant experience.


Fonts can make or break a website, we help choose the right look for your business.


Colors can exhibit a response just as words can. We match colors to necessity.


Set yourself above your competition with breathtaking images.

Details & Depth

Your business has something to say, we give you a platform to say it.


Easy to navigate and clean lines keep users on your site longer.


Get found now with proven SEO techniques..


Take the first step and call us, let’s get the ball rolling and get your business online today.